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Welcome to Step Forward OT Rehab. I am Lorena Degue, I graduated as an Occupational therapist in Argentina in 2004. I started working in the most well-reputed rehab centre in South America (FLENI) where I obtained knowledge and experience in rehabilitation of adult persons with neurological impairment. While working in FLENI, I took part in several research projects. At the same time I cooperated in teaching a course module in the University of Buenos Aires and taught a seminar in the same university.

After 5 years I commenced working in the Favaloro Foundation where I started the development of the OT department and obtained additional experience working with elderly and neurological patients.

While working in the Favaloro Foundation, I taught the postgraduate course organized by Favaloro University. Presently, I am co-director and teacher of a long-distance postgraduate course in Occupational Therapy, neurological diseases, at the same university.

In 2011 I moved to Ireland, where I validated my degree and started working as an OT in the private sector.

I am particularly interested and experienced in the area of neurological rehabilitation. I have a wealth of experience working with people who have suffered spinal cord injury, strokes or brain injury or who have been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis or Parkinson’s Disease among other neurological diseases. I love helping adults regain independence in their homes, at work and in the community and I always motivate my clients to do their best.

My vocation as an occupational therapist is to help my clients to make meaningful functional progress in the context of their lives, helping them to improve their ability to be as independent as possible and to achieve the level of autonomy that we all need to be in control of our lives.

I am a member of the Association of Occupational Therapists of Ireland and the World Federation of Occupational Therapists.

Some of the relevant courses I have attended:

  • 2009. TheraTogs Course. “Applications for adults with CNS Dysfunction”. Presented by Beverly Cusick.
  • 2008. Course “Multi-contextual Approach: disturbance of memory, lack of executive functions and conscience in patients with stroke and cranial trauma ”. Presented by Joan Toglia, PhD. OTR.
  • 2007. “Course of assessment and treatment of the incomplete spinal cord injured individual”. Concept Bobath. Presented by the instructor Julie Vaughan-Graham.
  • 2007. Advanced Bobath. “Assessment and treatment of adult with neurological conditions”. Presented by the instructor Alejandro Caramelo.
  • 2006. “Analysis of Normal Movement”. Bobath. Presented by Adriana Moschini.

Some CPDs I have attended in Ireland.

  • 2012. “Bariatric Basics” Organized by AOTI Private Practice and Lisclare Limited.
  • 2012. “Seating Matters. Specialised Seating Training Seminar” Presented by OT Martina Tierney.
  • 2012. “Housing Course. Introduction to Housing Adaptations”. Organized by AOTI Housing Advisory, presented by Anita Singyard.
  • 2012. Interdisciplinary Basic Research Skills Training. Workshops.
  • 2011. Housing Access. “Small changes…big differences”. Organized by AOTI Housing Advisory Group.

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