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About Step Forward OT REHAB

Step Forward OT Rehab is a private Occupational Therapy practice specialising in providing high quality OT rehab services. We provide home-based occupational therapy services for young, adult and elderly patients in a progressive and dynamic way taking advantage of the most modern, cutting edge occupational therapy rehab treatment methods.

We provide creative solutions to functional problems; hands on treatment to help you recover your functionality and autonomy; hands on treatment to diminish the impact of physical, cognitive or emotional disability in all environments; recommendations regarding adaptations and equipment to improve performance and safety; education for clients, family members, caregivers, workmates and any other members of their social circles.

A Step Forward OT Rehab occupational therapist will assess how you are performing everyday activities; how you are managing at work and how you are engaging in your favorite past time; will help you to diminish the impact that all this may have in your work, and in your social, family and personal life.

We can carry out assessments or treatment sessions at home, in the work place or in the community according to your needs.

Step Forward OT Rehab adopts a client-centered approach. We know that our clients and their families are the experts in the difficulties and intricacies of their everyday live; therefore we promote their engagement and participation as active partners in the Occupational Therapy process.

About Lorena

Step Forward OT Rehab’s mission is to help our clients to achieve the maximum level of independence and autonomy possible and to improve our client’s quality of life as well as lives of their family and those looking after them.

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