Joint Protection Programme

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Joint problems can cause pain and strain, weaken your muscles and hand grip, create deformities, and reduce your stamina. This will affect your ability to complete basic activities of daily living such as dressing or grooming, household tasks and leisure activities.
You should always look after your joints but it’s particularly important to take care of them when your hands are affected by arthritis, when they are painful, weaker and/or changing shape. Joint protection involves using techniques, aids, and equipment to minimise the stress and
forces placed on joints, to reduce pain and prevent or protect against further joint damage or deformity.
This programme includes:
– Identifying daily tasks that commonly cause you pain and strain.
– Finding new ways to complete those daily tasks so you can remain active and engaged in activities that you enjoy but taking care of your joints.
– Learning how to apply the principles and techniques of joint protection and how to put them into practice in your everyday activities.
– Assessing the need for aids and adaptations to make those activities easier.
You will be able to make practical changes in the way you perform activities and in the way you use your hands to reduce pain and strain in your joints.
We will also look at what you can do to reduce the tiredness that is associated with arthritis.

You can choose the programme that suits you best:
– One-to-one with face-to-face initial assessment and follow-up sessions (Available also to couples living together or friends who wish to complete the programme together). This programme is also available on-line. Duration: 4 sessions.
– On-line group-programme: a maximum of four participants will be included to allow personalised interaction. Duration: 4 sessions.
For details of the full programme and booking information, please contact Lorena.

Course Features

  • Students 1 student
  • Max Students1000
  • Duration6 week
  • Skill levelall
  • LanguageEnglish
  • Re-take courseN/A
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