What is Menstrual Therapy Madretierra?

Menstrual Therapy Madretierra (MTM) is a method developed by Zulma Moreyra, based on the female hormonal cycle and menstrual blood. It aims to guide women to have a deeper understanding of our menstrual cycle and a more conscious relationship with our menstrual blood, and with our life as a feminine being. 

It is physical, mental and spiritual medicine for women. It helps us to come back to our cyclicity and to be more conscious of our own rhythm and needs.

The premises of this system is that our cycle reflects wounds that we carry from all different stages of our life and family system. These portal wounds are situations from our childhood, adolescence, adulthood or even from our ancestors that for some reason we were not able to process at the time and they were store subconsciously in our body and they manifest repeatedly in our life as repetitive situations, emotional blocks, imbalance, pain and even illness. 

So, every month, through the observation and understanding of our menstrual cycle, we have the opportunity to see these portal wounds and bring clarity, awareness and healing.  

The therapy is a process of energetic healing that has an impact on the rest of your body. The outcome of this process is related to the level of participation and involvement of the woman throughout the process.

What is involved?

6 Sessions of approximately 2 hours each. This is broken down to one session per month for 6 consecutive months. During these 6 months you will all receive support and accompaniment in between sessions. (This will be either by email or WhatsApp/Signal – to be decided individually between us) 

During this process of transformation I will only accompany you and facilitate the process for you. However, you will find you have all the answers that you need within you. 

Contact me directly to book your sessions or email me to book a free 20-minute consultation. 

Looking forward to answering any questions you may have.


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