Care for the elderly

Remaining at home as you age

 As part of the normal aging process your abilities to do daily tasks at home diminish assistance or changes might be needed to maintain your independence and age safety at home. Step Forward will work with you and your family to ensure that by making small changes in your house or in the way you do your normal activities you will be safe and autonomous in your own home.

After hip replacement

 the 6-8 week period of recovery after a hip replacement requires many changes in the way you carry out your daily activities. An occupational therapist can teach you new ways to move safely during recovery; can demonstrate safe techniques to do activities such as dressing or showering; and to complete household tasks easily and safely by providing proper adaptations and equipment for daily activities.

Fall prevention for older adults

Fall related injuries are the biggest cause of pain, loss of independence, hospitalization and disability in adults over 65 years. Distractions, poor balance, long-standing deficits, tripping hazards such as steps or rugs can all cause a person to fall. Some people become so afraid of these risks that they stop engaging in activities. An OT can assess you at home or going out into the community, detecting potential risks and giving you recommendations to reduce them and enable you to keep stay safe and active.

Return home after hospitalization

if you have been hospitalized for a while and need time to recover when you go back home you may need an occupational therapist to help you go back to your routine in a safe and efficient way. An OT will give you advice about the equipment or adaptations you might need to be autonomous and safe at home and can teach you safe techniques to do daily personal activities and to complete household tasks easily and safely.

Return home after hospitalization