Care homes

Assessment and treatment for residents

Step Forward OT Rehab provides services for people living in residential homes, nursing homes or supported living accommodation.

The occupational therapist will complete an individualised assessment of the resident doing the basic activities of daily living in his or her own environment. Following the assessment we will provide a detailed report with recommendations to the nursing staff and family regarding the assistance the resident may need to complete his or her basic activities as independently and safely as possible. We will also make recommendations regarding the necessity for aids, equipment and adaptations to help the residents be safer and more independent.

For residents with neurological pathologies or ageing conditions we organize one-to-one treatment programmes based in the nursing home. The treatment will be aimed towards re-establishing and/or improving functionality and safety, and maximising independence or autonomy in all activities of daily life. The programme can be organized on the basis of one or more sessions weekly or monthly, depending on the client’s needs.

Family members and nursing staff may participate during assessments and treatments.

Occupational therapists can complete assessments for individual patients and provide advice relating to safe moving and handling techniques for both the patient and staff. We can provide fall risk assessments and give advice on suitable equipment that may be required.

Functional Assessments for Respite Patients

If a patient has come to a residential home for a period of respite, especially if this is as a result of a change in functional status or change in circumstances, we can complete assessments and provide a personalised rehabilitation plan with the aim of allowing the patient to return home to live as independently as possible. This treatment plan may include sessions at the residential home, home visits and follow-up visits once the patient has returned home.