Fatigue and Energy Conservation Programme

Fatigue and Energy Conservation Programme

Fatigue can impact self-care capacity and the ability to engage meaningfully in functional goals and can also diminish the person’s sense of self and self-efficacy.

No matter what kind of fatigue you have you will benefit from occupational therapy treatment.

An occupational therapist will assess your daily routine and how fatigue impacts on your routine and life. The OT treatment program will be based on your present symptoms and will be updated over time as your symptoms change.

We can help you to organize your routine with the proper balance between activity and rest. You will learn to find out when to rest and when to keep going. You will also learn how to listen to what your body is telling you. This knowledge will help improve your symptoms and will enable you to have a better quality of life.

Energy Conservation – Our occupational therapists will teach you energy conservation strategies to help you to reduce your fatigue and enable you to save energy while carrying out your everyday activities. This will help you to remain as independent and active as possible.